Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love starting these biggest loser contests - seeing us all work to progress together is incredibly satisfying. It's also crazy to see how painfully slow that percentage of weight loss changes . . .last contest, I noticed it kept going negative some times . . .doh :-)

As far as a diet, I've found my biggest pain point is portion control. I love to eat large amounts of food. I've found that if I only eat my most favorite food items (Doritos, cookies, cake, ice cream), I do much better and I am still satisfied - I think that's the trick - watch your desires closely, and in particular, pay close attention to feelings of entitlement - that's also when I get in trouble ;-)

I've found that with exercise, you have to make it something that you simply do because that's what it means to be alive - you have to decide once that it will be a regular part of your life, and plan like a mad man. It's hard when you're working 40 hours a week, and have a family to take care of, but exercise is not optional as we've all found, so it's time to fit it in ;-)

Good luck all, I'm excited to get this going.

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