Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Plan and Portion Control Tip

All right, my weight loss plan is going to be carb switching for the initial five weeks, followed by calorie counting. I have an easy peasy way to monitor your portions. You take a regular 9 inch plate. Fill one half with fruits and/or veggies. Fill one quarter with protein, and one quarter with good, healthy, whole grain carbs. Voila!


  1. I got it from First magazine. They say it's a way to fix a broken metabolism if you've been a victim of yo-yo dieting.

    Weeks 1-2: "You'll shed up to 16 pounds by 'carbing down' for four days each week (ie M, T, Th, F). On these days, have lo carb meals and whey protein shakes at any time, plus one serving of starchy carbs (ie oatmeal, pasta, rice) before 3 pm. Then 'carb up' for two nonconsecutive days (ie W, Sa) having three carb meals, one before 3 pm and two after. 'You can let loose on carb up days, enjoying pizza, ice cream, cake...' For the remaining 'baseline day' (ie Su), eat two carb meals before 3 pm."

    Weeks 3-5: "Choose four different carb down days, plus one carb up day and two baseline days. Then change up the order again for weeks 6-8. These switch ups are designed to prevent a weight loss plateau."

    It sounds like it should work! We'll see, right?

  2. I've seen that before about the 9" plate. Unfortunately, for those of us power eaters, we can pile stuff REAL high on that plate.
    I agree with Lauri that a food scale is the best way to go for most of us. After weighing everything for a few months, you will better understand what a portion is supposed to be.