Thursday, January 21, 2010

Keeping it interesting

Okay... now a couple of weeks into this and everyone is realizing that four months is a long time even for a pocket full of money. If you're still starving and it is hunger, not boredom or something else, you're not eating enough. Veggies fill you up and satisfy the need to chew. Try them!

A few ideas to keep it interesting:

1. Get the family involved in finding new low fat/low whatever recipes to try. Between cookbooks, magazines, friends, newspapers, and the Internet, there are a zillion great recipes out there for people wanting to lose weight. Spend an hour at the library going through cookbooks and magazines. While a friend of mine was in the process of losing about 65 pounds, her whole family got vested in her weight loss. They made a pact to try a new recipe at least once a week. It kept it interesting, and during the process they found several new recipes that were great and have become family favorites. They decided everyone could stand to have a lifestyle that included exercise, so they alternated walking and riding bicycles after dinner. (And she's kept the majority of the weight off too!)

2. Get involved in an exercise program that is something you love and would do anyway. Whether you're into hard core marathons, biking, weight lifting, yoga, Pilate's, swimming, or belly dancing, if it's something you love, it will help keep you motivated and going back for more. Since I hate to sweat, I looked long and hard for something to do. Swimming would be great, but around here, all pools are co-ed, and outdoors. No thank you. Found Tai Chi, and a great Salsa dance tape that are fun to do. I read not too long ago that we should all be singing and dancing. It makes us happy and feel good and to heck with those that don't think you're good enough! :p}}

3. Find non-food rewards and take care of yourself. For a lot of women, this seems to be a difficult thing to do. Guys are usually better at that, but they can do the same. Whatever you sit around and say.. I wish I could... figure out how to have that wish come true. If you would like to get involved in, (or are involved in) a hobby, find something you'd like to have that you don't ever get for yourself. Set a goal, and when you reach that goal, treat yourself with those bamboo knitting needles you've had your eye on, or that book, or that notion, or that new saute pan, or new paint brushes, or the Dremel tool, or the router, or, or, or. Perhaps a professional pedicure? Go and sit and enjoy having someone massage your feet. Or a or a new baseball mitt, a CD, a DVD, or a new golf club, or, or, or.

One of my former Weight Watchers members that I remember well after 20 years wanted her little ones about 7 and 9 to get it when she lost weight. They didn't like her going to her meeting every week, but she knew it was important to her and would eventually be to them. She wanted to show them that even if they couldn't see each pound, that it was important to acknowledge it was happening as she was changing her life so she could better interact with them. They made one of those construction paper chains like all kids do in elementary school. For every pound she lost, they made a new loop. About a year or so later when she had lost 125 pounds, they were all thrilled to explain to each new visitor to their home that each one of those loops that extended through a lot of their home represented one more step in their mom's journey to being healthy, happy, and fulfilled. Still makes me tear up.

Figure out what will keep you motivated. What will keep you happy, fulfilled, and wanting to continue on your journey to health and a FABULOUS BOD!

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  1. those are wonderful ideas! thank you. i have been starving so i try to snack more so i can curb them. you know carrots or a salad or even a cheese stick. i've taken up Zumba classes like Lauri (but not as often) and it's super fun. I like to exercise as long as its Zumba!