Thursday, January 7, 2010

Helpful, hopefully

We all want to be healthy as we lose weight, I hope. Amanda's question brought up a whole rash of ideas in me.
For those wanting this to be the LAST time they have to diet, we need to completely alter our lifestyle to have it happen.
I know for me, I'd like to have no more blood pressure problems, no more "borderline" diabetic, no more aching joints, and no more flabby fat hanging around. Don't think the sleep apnea will ever totally disappear, but that'd be nice too.
So here's a couple of web sites you may want to check out to enable you to do a complete change in lifestyle and eating habits so this time is the LAST time you need to lose weight ~ well, other than for those of you still having babies ~ but if you eat right, and gain an appropriate amount of weight with the pregnancy, the baby weight goes away while nursing:

Portion sizes ~ this is a good visual way to figure it out:

How to figure out how much you should be eating:
Weight Management starts on page 24, but the whole thing is interesting if you're trying to figure this all out intellectually... :p}}

Hope this helps those of you who are questioning!

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  1. I love that we get to have your many years of expertise to help us on the journey! Keep the pearls of wisdom coming, Lynda. Thanks!