Friday, February 19, 2010

So Close

I've been struggling for a couple weeks now to run a full 3 miles. I've been running 2 for a long time and it's been great but now I'm ready to push myself to 3 with my ultimate goal being to be able to run 5 miles at the end of this competition. My challenge is that my knee starts to hurt after the 2 mile mark. It's starting to really frustrate me. Because I KNOW I can run it without dying. The only thing that stops me is my knee. Tonight however I was sooooo close, and I mean close to running my 3 miles. I ran my 2 miles like it was nothing and then my knee started to hurt so I walked for a bit and then started running again. I definately ran 2.5 miles solid and I walked for less than a lap. I was pretty proud of myself. I feel like 3 miles are now within my reach. I never thought it would of been possible for me to run this much without dying. It's an amazing accomplishment, and I feel so great!

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  1. Nice Job Amanda - there's nothing like succeeding where before you were convinced you couldn't. My new goal has been to run every morning except Sunday, so far I'm doing well, and I've lost about 4 pounds since starting last week!! It's been incredible.

    Have you had a chance to go see a doctor about your knee? Some times it's handy to have all the info you can get, especially when getting up in higher mileage. Maybe he could recommend a knee brace, or some other excercise es you get over the pain.